Solid fuel

Solid fuel

Briquettes of petroleum coke

Heat power 7500 – 8000 kcal/kg
Ash 7 %
Volatile 17 %
Humidity 2-5 %

This fuel is designed to provide maximum thermal output because briquettes are easier to burn and do not require a large amount of combustion air, making it the ideal choice for classic thermal power plants, stoves and fireplaces.

– The firing time is higher compared to wood, coal or sawdust briquettes.

– It has up to 80% less smoke and 25% less CO2 emissions than coal and does not smell bad.

-The combustion process has a constant temperature.

-Sunt ambalate in saci laminati de 20kg , fiind usor de manipulat  si depozitat.

Petroleum coke

Heat power 8000-8500 kcal/kg
Ash 1 %
Volatile 9 %
Humidity 7-10 %

Acest combustibil este unul dintre cele mai potrivite  produse  pe care il puteti folosi la incalzirea prin centrale  pe combustibil solid , avand o putere calorica superioara de peste 8000 kcal/kg, cu un timp de ardere de pana la 12 ore.

The product is sorted with dimensions between 15-200 mm.

It does not smell bad and the ash percentage is ~ 1%

Coke is packaged in 20kg bags, easy to handle and stored.